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This Leading Man Just Surprisingly Joined Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' Tour

World, meet DJ Driis.

You might know Idris Elba as that suave, handsome gent who tears it up onscreen and would make for one helluva James Bond. That is his day job, after all.

But Elba also moonlights as Driis, a singer/writer/producer/DJ who has quietly built a solid performance career over the years and just nabbed his most headline-making gig yet: Opening for Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour stop at Berlin, Germany's Mercedes-Benz Arena on Tuesday (Nov. 10).

And if that seems like it came outta nowhere to you, we understand. DJ Driis isn't fully mainstream... yet.

A quick primer:

Idris knows that not everyone is expecting his lyrical prowess just yet, but he's ready to change that.

"People aren't really open-minded to hearing an actor rap, or an actor doing music. They're kind of like, 'Oh mate, stick to your lane,'" He said to Capital XTRA in August.

Elba joins a growing list of talent who's joined Madge's international tour -- including Rejjie Snow, Mary Mac and actress Jessica Chastain.