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'The Flash': Count How Many Times Cisco Says 'Vibe' In This Exclusive Clip

It's a lot.

On "The Flash," Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is just beginning to accept his metahuman powers -- powers that let him essentially see between universes. Comic readers have known for a while that he'd turn out to be the superhero known as Vibe, but it wasn't until last episode he came up with the name (or rather, his co-workers came up with the name).

This week, he's straight up owning it, as he tries to get some answers as to what's going on with the alternate universe, Earth-Two Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) by "vibe-ing" with him. Here's a fun game: every time either Harrison or Cisco says the word "vibe," have a shot of CC Jitters Flash themed coffee.

End result? Never stop CC jittering, all day long.

You can watch what happens next tonight on The CW, and in the mean time, don't play that game we just suggested.