Diem Brown's Support System: How CT And Her 'Challenge' Castmates Became Family

Diem's sister Megan opens up about her sibling's MTV counterparts.

For nearly a decade, Diem Brown competed alongside and against a slew of unforgettable personalities on "The Challenge" -- and whether it was an "ex" or a "rival," these fellow athletes became a very special part of her life and continue to be intertwined with the beautiful soul nearly one year after her death.

Megan Brown, Diem's sister, spoke with MTV News about her sibling's counterparts -- and in the clip below, she recounts the unique bond Diem shared with a group of people who were "truly family" up until the 34-year-old's final days. And as Megan explains, one person who was by Diem's side at the very end was CT Tamburello.

"We were forced to live in really tight quarters together when Diem was really, really sick," Megan remembers. "He would come in and out of town and take care of her when I was at work. And he was phenomenal helping us through the service and the days that followed."

From Johnny Bananas "making her laugh always" to Aneesa Ferreira's "tough love" rapport with her erstwhile partner, Megan has no shortage of memories about D's circle of friends. To hear more about Diem's "Challenge" clan -- including how Megan and CT supported each other through their grief -- and to learn how Megan is raising awareness about ovarian cancer, watch the clip, below. And be sure to stay with MTV News for more Diem Brown coverage.