Can A Long-Distance 'Awkward' Relationship Work?

New college frontiers might pose a challenge for Matty and Jenna.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, Matty McKibben and Jenna Hamilton will soon be host to a pair of exceedingly tender tickers.

On tonight’s “Awkward” mid-season finale, the two got back together, broke up and then got back together again (carousels were meant to spin…). Still, after some critical relationship analysis, Jatty seemed very sure that staying together was the right choice, even though Matty’s early summer soccer conditioning at Berkeley meant a long-distance arrangement was effective almost immediately. But were there signs earlier in the episode that an affair-from-afar is doomed?

At Palos Hills High School’s post-graduation carnival, Jenna aimed to fit what was supposed to have been a summer-long romance with her dream guy into a single night and was remarkably successful between trips on the tilt-a-whirl and strolls past funnel-cake stands. But eventually, she and Matty realized they were fighting an uphill battle that got particularly steep toward the peak.

“This is just the way things are,” she said, crying. “We’ve always had bad timing, and this time it’s nobody’s fault, but maybe it would be easier for both of us if we —"

“Yeah,” Matty conceded before he and Jenna shared a defeated kiss in an abandoned parking lot.

But after a bit of sage-albeit-strange advice from Val — who left her prized pupil with “Trust your heart, because every moment counts” — Jenna realized she’d made a huge mistake and that the risk with Matty was worth the reward. So she did what any good girlfriend would do — she rode shotgun with the soccer standout along a seven-hour journey to his dorm.

“Matty and I still had a lot to figure out, but we knew that somehow we would,” Jenna thought as the couple finally reached Matty's new home. “We’d jumped through too many hoops to let a little thing like distance come between us. We wouldn’t let it.”

Whether distance has any say in the matter has yet to be determined…

Have you been in a long-distance relationship, and was it able to survive a ton of time apart? Tell us if you can relate to Matty and Jenna’s new arrangement, and hang tight for the second half of “Awkward” Season 5 to see what happens!