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13 'The 100' Moments That Took Your Feelings And Stomped Them Into The Ground

Our fight is not over just yet.

I'm late to the party, but over the weekend I binge-watched the second season of "The 100." I'd watched the first season back in June, and anxiously waited for Netflix to add the second season. Of course, then I watched a bunch of heartbreaking moments on a kick-ass show, and didn't know what to do with my emotions.

No, seriously. What. Just. Happened. Here was my initial reaction after finishing the season, and based on the comments I received on Twitter, I'd say other people felt the same way.

So, because I have no idea what to do with myself, I'm going to channel my feelings and remind the writers that although they're brilliant, they also KILLED FINN AND BROKE EVERYONE'S HEARTS.

  1. When we rooted for Finn (Thomas McDonell) to find Clarke (Eliza Taylor), but then he went all "Rambo" on a bunch of innocent people.
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    Finn forgot anything and everything when he went looking for Clarke. After believing a village had done something with her, Finn opened fire and killed like 18 or so people, including women and children. Finnnnnnn, stop!

  2. When Clarke acted like she was going to rescue Finn from his gruesome fate, but she ended up stabbing him straight through the heart instead.
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    She did it to save him from being tortured and burned alive, but it was still "heart"-wrenching to watch. ???

  3. When Jasper (Devon Bostick) lost Maya (Eve Harlow), after risking his life — multiple times — to save hers.
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    Maya fell victim to Clarke and Bellamy's (Bob Morley) unfortunate endgame, dying from radiation exposure, which looked like burning from the inside out. After working against her own people to keep Jasper and his friends safe, Maya paid the ultimate price for their freedom from the Mountain Men. Jasper's pain was our pain.

  4. When Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) finally gained Indra's (Adina Porter) approval and respect, only to quickly have it taken away.
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    Ugh. These two butted heads every step of the way. But when Octavia was able to prove her worth to the Grounders, Indra said she was one of them now. Of course, when Octavia refused to abandon her brother after the retreat horn sounded, Indra dropped Octavia like nobody's business.

  5. When we thought Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) was going to be saved by Octavia's switcheroo, but then a horde of reapers attacked and kidnapped him.
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    Honestly, Octavia and Lincoln's love life never caught a break. Lincoln-as-reaper later went on to almost kill Octavia, but luckily that didn't end up happening.

  6. When we still rooted for Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington), but then he went and did this.
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    First, WTF was that thing?! Second, I get why he did that, but he did it so coldly and without any kind of remorse. His character's been evil, then good and now evil again.

  7. When we thought the Arkers were going to rescue Raven (Lindsey Morgan) from being cut and stabbed multiple times, but ended up having to listen to her screams of agony.
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    Thankfully, Raven didn't die or suffer permanent injury from those stab wounds, but she almost did. Clarke finally realized what happened with the poison, but it was after the torture had begun. Better late than never, I guess?

  8. And then, when we thought Clarke, Bellamy and Monty (Christopher Larkin) would pull through and save Raven from the drill, only to have to listen to her agonizing screams again.
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    You gotta give Raven credit, though. She is one tough woman. For real, she was stabbed a bunch of times, went through surgery without any anesthesia and had a drill plowed through her flesh. What made this equally heartbreaking was watching Kyle (Steve Talley) thrash at his restraints, trying to help her.

  9. Oh, and then we thought the trio would save Abby (Paige Turco) from the drill, but we had to hear her cries, too.
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    Wow, worst daughter of the year, Clarke. I know you were under a lot of pressure, and your mom DID betray your late father back in Season 1, but come onnnn. Oh, and Marcus (Henry Ian Cusick) begging Cage (Johnny Whitworth) to free her and let them donate the bone marrow instead made the situation even more heart-rendering.

  10. When we knew Baby Wells wasn't real and hoped Jaha didn't find out until he was safely on Earth, but then he found out and panicked.
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    His anguish was too real. True, the baby wasn't actually there, but his "presence" was enough to get Jaha to make a move and literally jump to safety.

  11. When we prayed Raven's legs worked perfectly after Abby removed the bullet in her spine, but then found out she had nerve damage on her left leg.
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    Finn's pained expression once he realized Raven would never be the same tugged at our heartstrings. But it was Raven's cry of, "But I'm still crippled" that tore our heart out and threw it across the room.

  12. When we prayed no one would ever find out Clarke and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) knew about the missile on Tondc before it happened, and then we had to see the hurt on Abby and Octavia's faces when they discovered the truth.
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    To be fair, they did it to avoid giving Bellamy's ~inside man gig~ away, but they still killed a ton of their own people. After seeing Abby and Octavia's reactions, it was hard not to hate Clexa.

  13. When the master plan was about to work, but then Lexa betrayed Clarke and EVERY SINGLE ARKER, leaving us empty, confused and seriously pissed off.
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    *Boom* That sound is the collective noise of everyone's hearts exploding into a thousand pieces.