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50 Cent's Taking A Break From Rick Ross To Troll Meek Mill Instead

50 used Drake's 'Back To Back' to taunt Meek.

Drake’s “Back To Back” dropped in July and the Meek Mill dis track is still making news in November. This time, that’s thanks to 50 Cent.

“That ‘Back To Back’ sh-t is fire,” 50 told the crowd during a recent show (reportedly in Sweden on Nov. 8). “That sh-t is fire. That n---a said, ‘You gettin’ bodied by a singin’ n---a.’ ‘Shout to all my boss bitches wifin’ n---as.’ You didn’t hear that sh-t? That sh-t was hot."

But if you know anything about Fif, then you obviously know that the Meek taunting didn't end there. In fact, the G-Unit general went on to summarize the entire Drake/Mill beef like this:

It’s hard to say exactly why 50 decided to praise Drizzy’s Meek jabs here, but the timing of it is intriguing. This came just as 50 and Meek's boss, Rick Ross, were entering round 1 million of their ongoing, lawsuit-inspiring beef.

So, maybe dissing Meek is a way of slighting Rozay again? Or maybe 50 -- who's also now involved in a messy Vivica A. Fox feud -- is just being an ultimate troll again? Or maybe Fif just really likes "Back To Back?" I'll let you decide.