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Shay Mitchell Is Definitely Flying Through The Air Petting Baby Leopards Right Now

This is Shay Mitchell's Safari Planet. We're just living in it.

If you're a person who is prone to bouts of FOMO whenever you see a bottomless brunch pic that doesn't include you -- and/or a person who loves to travel, but doesn't exactly have the means -- then you should never, ever look at "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell's Instagram. Whenever the actress-slash-author-slash-YouTuber isn't filming in Rosewood, Pennsylvania-fornia, she's galavanting through Bali and India and [Insert Awesome Location Here] with ease, wearing clothes the rest of us could never afford and looking like she just came out of a spa, even after a 35-hour travel day.

Mitchell's latest/current expedition is to South Africa, where she's been posting everything from snuggle sessions with baby leopards to rock climbing pics to a shot of her literally flying through the air. It's ridiculous. We're jealous.

  • Here's Shay climbing African rocks/looking fly RIGHT after her 35-hour travel day.


  • Here's Shay taking in the sights via private helicopter tour.


  • Here's Shay, flying.

    More like "falling with style."

  • Here's Shay, having no issues adjusting to the time difference.

    Her hair seems to be holding up quite nicely in Africa as well. Figures.

  • And here's Shay living out your dreams with a BB Leopard.

    If you want to feel as badass as Shay, feel free to check out/donate to Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. It's the next best thing to actually being in Africa.

Basically, when "PLL" ends after Season 7, we have a pretty good idea of where Mitchell should end up next: