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The Rihanna Effect: How Rihanna Gets You To Buy Anything She's Selling

If there's one thing in life that I've always been confident about, it's Rihanna's ability to sell things just by being Rihanna, i.e. a paragon of cool and good taste. If you need proof beyond my very self-assured word, I give you the following list of hard evidence.

  • Puma

    Recently Puma's profits have seen a bit of decline overall, with the exception of women's footwear -- and that's all thanks to Rihanna.

    "I would say demand was bigger than supply," The brand's CEO, Bjørn Gulden, told WWD, "The launch of the first Puma by Rihanna shoe, the Creeper, has been extremely successful and most retailers have sold out within hours or days."

    Sneaker creepers are by no means a common look, but with a slow campaign release and a few cameos from Travi$ Scott, she rallied our wallets and the shoes sold out in mere hours. Lord help us when the furry sandals she designed for Puma finally drop.

  • Magazine Covers

    More recently, the world finally caught on to why Rihanna was gracing so many magazine covers: because, no surprise, she increases their sales -- by a lot. Her Harper's Bazaar cover in March became the highest-selling magazine of the month and boosted their sales by 0.8 percent.

  • Dior

    During one of her Dior campaigns, Rihanna promoted the Diorama bag, which caused Dior's leather goods sales to rise significantly. Why wouldn't you trust a CFDA Fashion Icon to steer you toward your next "It" bag?

  • River Island
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    Back when Rih dipped her toes into fashion collabs, her collection with River Island ended up boosting sales for the entire company.

    What made Rihanna x River Island so successful wasn't just that she had the support of design mastermind Adam Selman to help make the pieces wearable but still fashion forward, you could trust that Rih wasn't just churning out a clothing collab to make a quick dime on the side because she actually wore it all herself.

  • Fragrances

    Rihanna's success with perfume started early, with Rebelle becoming an international success and the fastest-selling fragrance in the UK. And much like the River Island collab, Rih ensures we know she wears her own fragrances, too.

  • Music

    Even though it feels like we've been waiting for a new Rihanna album for basically our entire lives, she still dominates in music -- she's the first artist to reach 100 million digital sales. Ever. EVER!!!

  • Cosmetics

    And lest we forget RiRi's MAC Viva Glam collaboration, which went on to become the best-selling of all time. Her campaign alone raised over $50 million for people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • While a couple of times may just be getting lucky, the consistency with Rihanna is able to sell whatever she puts her name on proves she's not to be underestimated. But the secret to her commercial success isn't just in her brand equity (though, it definitely helps that she's widely respected as a trendsetter who can virtually do not wrong in the worlds of fashion and beauty) -- it's in her willingness to actually rep for the products she's hawking. How can you trust a spokesperson if you can't tell they actually believe in what they're selling? Rih knows the answer: You can't. Long live Queen Rih.