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Deadpool Took His Mask Off Just To Start A Beef With Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds does an excellent Aussie accent.

When he's not busy slicing and dicing his enemies into little bloody pieces, or shredding their egos with barbed remarks, Deadpool likes to blow off steam with a little target practice -- by mercilessly mocking the Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman tweeted out this video of Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool face (the one memorably described as looking "like an avocado had sex with an older avocado"), doing a truly magnificent impression of the "X-Men" star making a shameless bid for Sexiest Man Alive votes.

It's a pretty brutal mockery, but clearly Jackman enjoyed it, probably because a) he and Reynolds are longtime friends who can lovingly make fun of each other, and also b) Hugh Jackman has adamantium surgically grafted to his emotions.