'Don't Seem Thirsty' And Other Sage Dating Advice From Ja Rule

The rapper's love tips are utterly unforgettable.

Ja Rule has been out of the dating game for quite some time (he married his wife Aisha back in 2001), but that didn't stop the fun-loving dad from dishing out tips to his youngest son on the eve of his kiddo's first romantic rendezvous. So is Ja's memory a bit rusty on the aforementioned subject? It's a toss-up...

During tonight's episode of "Follow the Rules," the rapper sat down with Jordy to teach him a thing or two about women before an upcoming hang session with his crush Sophie. His first order of business: A word of advice about how kids these days mostly communicate...

"Don't text her no more. Wait till she texts you back -- you don't want to seem thirsty," Ja says during the man-to-man talk. Pretty solid advice so far, Pops.

Then things got weird.

"I'm gonna put it in layman's terms; I'm gonna make it real understandable for you," he continues. "You're trying to get to the unicorn at the end of the rainbow."


At first, we were as confused as Jordy -- until Ja brought it home and revealed what he'd been getting at during the discussion. If you'd like to finally understand courting (or at least what he's getting at), check out the clip below:

What's the weirdest dating advice your parents ever gave you? Drop your story in the comments section, and get your next double dose of "Follow The Rules," Monday at 10/9c.