Watch This Girl Try To Hang Up An Old-School Landline Phone And Feel Ancient

Hanging up a phone ain't what it used to be.

Gone are the days of struggling to free yourself from a tangled telephone cord or waiting for your mom to get off the phone with your Aunt Joyce so you can plug in and dial up to get online. Phone technology has come so far that you can end a call with a simple tap of your smart phone screen.

Back in the day, to hang up the phone, you would have to move the phone away from your face, line the receiver up with the base and, using the strength and motion of your dominant arm, place the receiver on the base. It's a lot – too much for one girl who, when her dad asked her to hang up a hotel phone, was totally stumped.

The 14-year-old held the landline receiver, confused, until her mom came over and helped her out. But come on, people. You can't give this girl a hard time. If someone asked you to churn butter or make a cave painting depicting the hunt of a mastodon, you'd be a bit befuddled too.