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21 Pieces Of One Direction Fan Art To Get You Through This Hiatus

For when listening to the albums just isn't enough

Since One Direction announced their yearlong hiatus earlier this year, fans have been in a tizzy as to what to do and what to expect. And although we have been countlessly reassured that this in no way means the boys have split up, there's still the whole matter of, "What are we to do with no One Direction for a year?"

There's no end to the list of 1D-related things across the Internet that you can use to fill that hole in your heart, but one specific thing that may cure you of your 1D withdrawal, if only for a little while, is definitely some fan art sketched up by the talented folks on the web.

There's nothing we can do to change this hiatus 'cept wait it out, so why not just sit back, put your favorite One Direction song on repeat, scroll through these beautiful illustrated depictions of their likenesses and wait for this hiatus to be over!

  1. Take a glimpse through their eyes with this masterpiece
  2. Contemplate the craftsmanship of this "Zarry" moment
  3. How about this delightful Made In The A.M. group hug?
  4. Deliberate the impeccable draftsmanship that is Zayn's visage
  5. Revel in Zayn and Louis' Excellent Bro-venture
  6. And then gaze upon Louis' perfect physiognomy
  7. Contemplate, if you will, a brunette Niall
  8. Take the second star to the right and adventure with Louis
  9. And then return just in time to admire this handsome Harry
  10. Take in this portrayal of the boys all together again
  11. And admire the fluidity of Harry's hair in this GIF
  12. Imagine how the hiatus is going on their end with this descriptive illustration
  13. Chibi-Louis is the perfect caricature of Mr. Tomlinson himself
  14. And of course, this likeness will no doubt be Harry's hair game on the reg (once the hiatus is over)
  15. Show some love for the lyrics that you hold near and dear to your heart
  16. Remember the charming moments those music videos gave us all when you look at these delightful Liam portraits
  17. This Harry likeness will instantly transport you to thoughts of his black-and-white Instagram feed
  18. Try to digest this striking depiction of Zayn's winsome good looks
  19. And entertain notions of a One Direction-Pokémon mash-up
  20. Delight in this version of "flower-child" Liam
  21. And take a look at this doodle to appreciate the fact that at least we have this album to get us through the hiatus