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18 Times Amandla Stenberg's Instagram Fashion Game Was On Point

Girl you be kiilin' it!

Amandla Stenberg is a girl of many strengths and many talents. Not only is she a phenomenal actress and a proactive individual when it comes to pointing out cultural appropriation, she is also a writer of graphic novels and a fashion icon supreme. Seriously, what is there not to love about this girl?

Truthfully, if you need a little inspiration on feeling your look and for the days you need to remind yourself of the power the #blackout movement inspires, look no further than Amandla Stenberg's Instagram, because this girl is about to slay you with her ferocity!

  1. Like when she posted this shot, and you thought to yourself: "No one (wo)man can have all this ~power~"
  2. When you saw this shot and started stocking up on hoop earrings
  3. When this superimposed pic brought out your creative side
  4. When this snapshot made you contemplate blue being your new favorite color
  5. And then you saw this one and said, "Nah, maybe red is more my style..."
  6. ...but then again, color blocking is a thing
  7. When you spied this vignette and vowed to frolic in more fields of flowers
  8. Or when she posted this pic that had you feeling for some BubbleYum
  9. When you noticed this image and pondered your own ability to pull off prints
  10. Or this neon violin shot that made violins seem effortlessly cool
  11. When you peeped this classic look that was very in touch with nature
  12. Or when you caught a glimpse of the most casual power pose known to man
  13. When you laid eyes on this selfie and realized the value of good eyeliner
  14. When she posted this pic and you were suddenly aware that her squad is beating you without having to try
  15. When you observed the correct way to spend a "Lazy Sunday"
  16. When you beheld this market-side monarch and had an urge for watermelon prints
  17. When she uploaded this four-eyed masterpiece
  18. And when you took notice of this gem and felt like everything was right in the world