'Teen Wolf' Cast Talk Tombstones, We Cry [Video]


Tough question, much? MTV recently sat down with a few of your favorite "Teen Wolf" cast members to discuss Season 3's tragic deaths, and to ask what is quite possibly the most morbid question in the history of ever: "What would your gravestone say?"


Whyyyy would you ask me that?!

WHAT!? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Is somebody else gonna die? Frankly, we can't take another "Teen Wolf" loss — Allison Argent's end was enough for one lifetime. And, honestly, we're still only in Stage 2 of the grieving process i.e. not even near emotionally equipped enough to deal with another teary goodbye. (That puddle of blood Melissa Ponzio tweeted from the set the other day wasn't much of a comfort, either.)

The tombstone query was a bit rough for the cast members to discuss, as well. Okay, maaaybe just for Tyler Posey, who immediately retorted, "How sad is that question?" YES! We agree. On the other hand, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden had no prob chatting epitaphs for their respective characters. Check out the clip, and join us in counting down the days 'til the Season 4 premiere on June 23 at 10/9c!