Tweets Of The Week: See Which MTV Stars Just Became College Graduates!

These days, your Twitter timeline says as much about you as your taste in movies or fashion sense, and ours is chock full o' MTV greatness. Between the intriguing "Teen Wolf" stars and the "Code" jokesters, our network's cast members have always got a ton to share on social media, and each week, we're rounding up the posts that had us RTing like crazy. Check out the latest!


Graduation selfies are the best selfies.

If you don't have "Pomp and Circumstance" stuck in your head yet, it's only a matter of time...

This weekend, college students across the country will attend graduation ceremonies that signify their move into the real world, and two of our very own are among them! Spencer Pratt, whose college trek was a 10-years-long affair, and Greer Grammer of "Awkward" both received diplomas from the University of Southern California today, and we've gotta say one big CONGRATULATIONS to both. "Can't believe it's been 4 years since [my mom] dropped me off!," Greer tweeted. Time does fly!


Greer Grammer and her mom, enjoying the big day!

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Max Joseph said there was more than met the eye on Wednesday's "Catfish" episode, but "Free AgentAneesa thought there was too little to this week's mission. And though Rita Volk of "Faking It" was blown away by love from fans, Arden Cho was taken aback by her "Teen Wolf" co-stars' gaseous habits. Isn't there any Pepto on set, guys?

See what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media:


Photos courtesy of @spencerpratt and @Greer_Grammer