There Will Be Blood! Melissa Ponzio Tweets Photo Of 'Teen Wolf' Carnage


Is Beacon Hills about to see another big casualty?

We're only just beginning to wipe the image of Allison Argent's death from our minds, but it seems we've got to suck it up, because there's even more "Teen Wolf" gore on the horizon. While on the show's set yesterday, Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott McCall's mother, Melissa McCall, tweeted a photo of a huge, ominous puddle of blood that's spilled across a scratched-up floor. Let's just hope it's part of the show's storyline and not a case of Arden Cho getting sword-happy between takes...

"Overheard on #teenwolf set today...'more blood...or, just do something' more blood it is!!," Melissa wrote with the snapshot, which looks like runoff from a particularly careless slaughterhouse. We're not sure whose DNA we're looking at, or if the hemorrhaging will make the difference between life and death, but when you can see your reflection in your own vital fluid, that's definitely not a good sign. Looks like Beacon Hills' hospital staff will be working overtime!

Stay tuned for "Teen Wolf" updates (Melissa, herself, has promised more), and hang tight for the Season 4 premiere on Monday, June 23 at 10/9c!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Ponzio's Instagram