Zach Defends His Trivia Title In Our Own 'Challenge: Free-For-All' Quiz Show


Some folks are brainy, some are brawny and some lucky buggers are blessed with both. On tonight's "Free Agents" episode, Zach proved he's more than just muscle by taking home the gold medal -- alongside Devyn -- in "Smarty Pants," after correctly answering questions about Disney princesses and soccer (we're sure his former educators are proud!). And in the "Challenge: Free-For-All" trivia game below, he proves that lightning can, indeed, strike twice.

In our very own game show, Zach, Devyn and Jordan go head-to-head by answering questions surrounding modern "Challenge" competitors and their forefathers, and between bowel movements and shouting matches, the topics discussed definitely aren't for the faint of heart. Though Jordan isn't quite sure who Rachel hooked up with on "Duel II" (or who Rachel is...), and Devyn struggles to remember which competitor almost threw down with TJ (the audacity!), Zach lays down his "Challenge" knowledge like it's no big thang, and even knows who pooped in an "Inferno" chicken suit.

"Go outside! Stop watching TV!" Jordan jests after Zach identifies David's 2004 bathroom blunder. But Zach's not thrown off balance.

"I am brilliant," he concludes.

Watch the threesome go for the title, and share your thoughts on the episode!