'16 And Pregnant' Bonus Scene: Summer Recalls How Lovable Her Mom Can Be


On this week's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we watched Summer balance new parenthood while struggling to come to terms with her own mom's substance abuse issues. The teen was hopeful her mother, Katrina, would get her act together and be around to help with Baby Peyton, but addiction — and the possibility of jail time for writing bad checks — made that that nearly impossible.

In this bonus scene, Summer eats dinner with her half-sister, Pookie, her boyfriend, DJ, and his mom, Frances, and the conversation quickly turns to Katrina's health. Summer says her mom is doing "better than before," and that she thinks Katrina can get clean.

"Anybody can do anything if they set their mind to it," Frances says, encouragingly. "Sometimes, you might need help," she adds, before stressing the dangerous side effects associated with addiction.

"I think people are different," Summer explains. "Some people can do it on their own, and some people can't do it on their own."

After Frances notes that she truly likes Katrina, the young woman remembers happier times with her mother.

"When she's sober, who don't get along with her?" Summer recalls. "You just love being around her."

Check out the clip, and tune in for a new episode of “16 and Pregnant” on Monday at 10/9c.