Jon Hamm Marvels Over Hugh Jackman's Jacked Biceps During 'Off The Bat' Interview


Two of Hollywood's hottest stars: Jon Hamm and Hugh Jackman.

Melanie Iglesias got to live every American woman's dream when she sat down for a one-on-one with the very dapper Jon Hamm, a.k.a. "Mad Men"'s Don Draper, on last night's "Off the Bat." In this clip from the episode, the "Guy Code" beauty points out Hamm's hotness factor and sky-high level of fame. "That's not true," the thesp responds modestly, before adding, "a lot of people know." We're siding with Mel on this one.

Hamm, who stars in the upcoming sports flick, "Million Dollar Arm," then turns the attention away from himself and onto another Hollywood hunk when Mel asks which actor he thinks has a million dollar arm IRL. "I actually just saw Hugh Jackman this morning, and that dude is yoked," he answers. "He's probably got 2 1/2 million dollar arms." We must say, Jon's are probably worth a pretty penny, too.

"Do you think they're insured?" Melanie inquires about Jackman's bulging biceps. "Yeah, that's Wolverine, dude!" Hamm exclaims. The man's got a point.

Check out the video, and watch more "Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave" every Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV2.

Photos: Jessica Foster/MLB Photos, Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp/Splash News