Does Jenna And Tamara's 'Awkward.' BFF-ship Have An Expiration Date?


Jenna and Tamara have certainly had their "Awkward" bumps in the road (Jenna kissing Ricky Schwartz and getting the cold shoulder from T is a particularly painful memory), but for the most part, the Palos Hills High School BFFs have been attached at the hip. They went to their first big high school party together, have supported each other through tough breakups and continue to share the brunt of Sadie Saxton's scorn. However, on last night's episode, Jenna pondered whether they might be drifting apart...forreal.

During an overnight college visit to Southern Coast University, the girls found themselves going in different directions. Wordsmith Jenna got comfortable in the company of fellow aspiring writers, soaking in each minute with Luke, an undergrad who shared her passion for good and so-bad-it's-good literature. On the other hand, the usually composed Tamara cut loose (maybe a little too loose) at a sorority party, and wound up so hung over that she flunked her big interview with the admissions office. She, unlike Jenna, seemed eager to rage through the coming four years.

"In high school, Tamara and I were always on the same page," Jenna thought as she noticed their paths splitting. "Even if we get into the same school, was this the end of Jennara?"

+ Think Jenna and Tamara might soon be strangers, or is their sisterhood too thick to sever?

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