Baby Bump Status Check! Snooki Shows Off Her 'Little Soccer Ball' [Photo]


Snooki's 17-week bun in the oven.

Nicole Polizzi is making sure to document her growth throughout her second pregnancy, and what better way to truly capture her bun in the oven's transformation than by taking a series of bare belly selfies and posting them on her blog? The "Snooki & JWOWW" star, who is expecting a girl this fall, even knows the right time of day to snap her burgeoning baby bump.

"Here’s me in the morning at 17 weeks! I can tell way more in the morning because my bladder is full and pushes the baby out more! Isn’t it so cute? Like a little soccer ball!" the mom to one-year-old Lorenzo wrote with her latest photo. In the dimly-lit image, Snooki's face glows as she casually lifts her top to reveal her round tummy. (We wish we looked this picture-perfect bright and early.)

In addition to sharing shots of her changing body with loyal fans, the pint-sized guidette is keeping up with her fitness by running 3 miles a day and taking her "wild" son to swimming lessons. It's a whole lot to juggle, but none of it seems to be fazing her one bit. "Five months of pregnancy has been a breeze so far," she wrote. If all pregnant women could be so lucky!

Photo: Snooki's Celebuzz site