Nicole Byer Guesses Solange's Name Played A Role In Alleged Elevator Attack On Jay Z


Yesterday, hip-hop's royal family fell under fire when TMZ released footage of Beyoncé's sister, Solange, allegedly attacking Bey's husband, Jay Z, in an elevator at a Met Gala after party in New York City. Since the audio in the clip is muted -- and none of those inside the elevator have spoken up about the incident -- we still don't know exactly how things came to blows, but Nicole Byer of "Girl Code" isn't afraid to give her best guess. We can always count on her!

Last night, the comedienne stopped by the "Chelsea Lately" roundtable to sound off on the bizarre strike, and as far as she's concerned, Solange may have just been tired of defending her unique moniker. "Maybe Jay Z was like, 'Solange isn't a real name!' and she was like 'It is a real name!' and he was like 'Show me a baby name book!' and she didn't have one!" A convincing argument! Here's hoping they settled things at a Barnes & Noble on the way home...

Watch the full clip, and tell us if you think Nicole might be onto something!