Five GIFs That Prove 'Awkward.''s 'Sophomore Sluts' Really Are The Worst


The senior class reigns supreme at any high school, but that doesn't mean things always go smoothly for them. On last week's "Awkward" episode, Spirit Week hit Palos Hills High and pitted its four grades against each other in competition. The seniors had never lost, but this time around, there was a particular group -- the "Sophomore Sluts" -- that was bent on stealing the limelight, and the gaggle of girls wasn't going to go down without a fight...literally.

"The Sophomore Sluts, or S.S., are the mortal enemies of senior girls everywhere," Jenna Hamilton observed at the first sight of a tenth-grader. "Somehow, these girls had magically morphed over the summer from dorky freshmen to a horde of cleavage-bearing, short shorts-wearing Kesha-clones." And she wasn't wrong -- the sassy teens stopped at nothing to make a statement, and between seductively downing marshmallows and tearing off their tops to take competitions, they actually managed to lift the win from the upperclassmen. For the first time in PHHS history, the seniors suffered a crushing defeat, and Tamara's presidential legacy was tarnished.

Check mounting GIF evidence of why the S.S. really are the worst, and see if their terror at the top continues on the next "Awkward," which airs Tuesday night at 10/9c!