The Final Rock, Paper, Scissors 'Challenge' Will Give You Sweaty Palms -- See Who Wins!


Get your bookie on the line, because we've got big news! After weeks of potential finger sprains, hangnails and sore knuckles, the "Challenge" Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament has its rightful victor. Brandon and Cohutta, who took out Zach and Jasmine, respectively, in the semifinals, met for one final showdown last week in the "Free Agents" war zone (couch), and the match was so intense, we can't believe it wasn't a pay-per-view exclusive!

With the tourney's victims watching on from behind, the confident guys wasted no time facing off (see clip above). In a matter of seconds, Brandon took the early lead, but Cohutta wasn't deterred. The nemeses, who both refused to remove their shades, went on to find themselves in deadlock after deadlock, but after a copy machine's supply of paper was thrown out, B finally defeated C by smashing his scissors with a decisive rock. And the crowd. Went. Nuts.

"I don't know if you've seen the cast, but it was pretty much a walk in the park for me," the proud winner said in his post-game interview. "I'm feeling on Cloud Nine." Humble Brandon then pronounced that his biggest competition was...himself...and that left alone, he was sure he would come out on top. "There's nobody as smart as me or as good-looking," he shared. "Pound for pound, I'm the best overall athlete here."

And did he have any words for his fellow competitors?

"You should have seen it coming. It's expected -- you're losers in life, in general."

Nice. Watch it all go down, and be sure to tune in to the next "Free Agents" episode Thursday night at 10/9c!

Photo: Ian Spanier