'16 And Pregnant': Is Summer's Mom A Lost Cause?


On tonight’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” we met Summer, a Georgia teen who was forced to grow up fast because of her mother's drug addiction. When she found out she was pregnant, Summer thought it would motivate her mom, Katrina, to get her act together. However, Katrina had difficulty staying clean.

When it came time for Summer to deliver her baby, Katrina did show up at the hospital, but she scared her daughter by talking about the pain of childbirth, and after Peyton arrived, Summer sadly started seeing less and less of her mother. She learned that Katrina was arrested for writing bad checks, which carried the possibility of a two-year prison sentence.

"I was really hoping my mom would get it together, but I just don't see that happening," Summer said, coming to terms with the fact that, at least for now, she would not be able to rely on Katrina for help with Peyton. Fortunately, Summer had her loving boyfriend, DJ, and his parents to lean on.

+ Do you think Katrina will eventually be able to help Summer raise Baby Peyton, or is she a lost cause? Weigh in, and make sure to download the MTV app for extended sneak peeks of the rest of the season.