Rebel Wilson Encourages Potential 'Catfish' To Love Themselves And 'Be True'


Rebel Wilson is all smiles on the red carpet.

Rebel Wilson's made it no secret that she's "fascinated" by MTV's highly addictive "Catfish." In fact, she's made it a point to hone her own Google reverse-image search skills so that she herself can keep an eye on any online imposters. If you'll recall, Anna Kendrick, Mark Wahlberg and Joe Manganiello were simultaneously duped by a faux Wilson in a 2013 MTV Movie Awards skit, but this week, the actress took a more serious approach to addressing the "Catfish" phenomenon, expressing some words of encouragement to her Twitter followers after the series' emotionally intense Season 3 premiere.

“Hey girls who think you might be 'fat' or 'ugly', DO NOT CATFISH people,” Rebel wrote. “Spend your valuable time loving yourself and being true x.”

And as for those ladies (and possibly gentlemen) out there on social media who are trying to impersonate the comedienne, she had a polite request: “please stop.”

“I'm so happy you're a fan but be you, love you too x,” Wilson added. Hear, hear.

Re-watch Nev and Max uncovering the real Rebel Wilson in the hilarious Movie Awards spoof, and sure to tune in to an all-new episode of "Catfish," Wednesday at 10/9c!

Photo: Getty Images