Which 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Member Is BFFs With Steve Urkel?


Jaleel White and King Bach snap a bad-ass selfie.

King Bach may be a Vine superstar, but on "Wild 'N Out," he's the new kid on the block -- and veteran Emmanuel Hudson sure let him know it! However, Kosher may want to watch his back, because Bach's pretty tight with a man who was once a pro at warding off bullies: Steve Urkel!

Yup, this guy:

Bach and Jaleel White, who played the infamous Urkel on "Family Matters," have been spotted hanging out together all over Hollywood recently, and their relationship seems to be blooming into a full-blown bromance. They've even taken a SoulCycle class together!

"This man @jaleelwhite got me doing soul cycle EARLY in the morning," Bach wrote beside the Instagram pic below. (We're a bit disappointed to see that White left his colorful suspenders at home.)

For the throwback star, staying fit seems to have become a way of life: White is a far cry from the lovable, lanky geek we once watched on the small screen. But even though the '90s comedy icon is all grown up, his sense of humor hasn't changed one bit. Below, watch him laugh off one of King Bach's notorious Internet pranks, and catch more of Bach's antics on Season 6 of "Wild 'N Out," premiering this summer!


The fun duo is ready for a workout in the SoulCycle studio.


King Bach, Jaleel White and some exercise buddies.


The guys posing by a car.

Photos: King Bach's Instagram, Jaleel White's Instagram

GIF: www.tvovermind.com