Now That Theresa's Been Exposed, Does She Have A Shot At Lasting Through 'Free Agents'?


The "Challenge" has seen its fair share of power plays (remember when Tina pit Derrick and Darrell against each other on "Fresh Meat"?), but on tonight's "Free Agents" episode, one competitor made an unprecedentedly bold move. After Team Purple earned the power to nominate a male and female into the elimination round, Theresa suggested she and her teammates pull out the big guns and try to knock Laurel -- who was on the losing Yellow Team -- out. But when it came time to buck up, Theresa suddenly changed her tune.

After Theresa's teammates went out on a limb to support her choice, and earned Laurel's terrifying scorn by calling out her name, Theresa, the Queen of throwaway votes, arbitrarily nominated Jasmine, and Devyn, who wasn't cool with being hung out to dry, lashed out. "This Joan of Arc who came in here, torches blazing to go for Laurel, just voted Jasmine?" she spat. "What the hell!" D wasn't willing to go down for T, though, and when she told L exactly what had happened, Laurel vowed to oust her former fellow Fresh Meat'er. "Theresa, you can’t have other people do your dirty work for you," Laurel said in an interview. "You proved that you are a coward."

Theresa maintained she did nothing wrong, and urged the girls to remember the name of the game -- "Free Agents." "If I want to change my vote, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone," she said. "You can call me a liar, you can call me untrustworthy, I don’t really care."

With Laurel, arguably the game's most dangerous female, after Theresa, does T have a chance to survive?

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