12 Reasons Why We Heart Tyler Posey


In honor of moms everywhere and all things TyPo (what a beautiful mix!), we'll be blessed this Sunday with the MTV premiere of "Maid in Manhattan," in which — brace yourselves — a 10-year-old Tyler Posey plays Jennifer Lopez's ADORABLE son. You may want to consider calling in sick to your fam's annual Mother's Day brunch...

Tyler's overall amazingness has continued clear into adulthood with his delicious portrayal of Scott McCall on "Teen Wolf" (IS IT JUNE 23rd YET?), and our devotion doesn't end there. Tune in to the "We Heart Tyler Posey" marathon starting at 9:24a/8:24c with an encore at 5:30p/4:30c, featuring "Maid in Manhattan" and clips of fans gushing TyPo sweet somethings, but until then, let us count the reasons why we love him ALWAYS AND FOREVER...


 1. That innocent face — completely precious in 2002 and even more swoon-worthy in 2014.

2. He's musically inclined, and he digs old-school Blink-182. Double win!

3. The guy makes the world a better place time and time again, whether he's stripping down for a charity calendar or aiding in the fight against cancer.


4. Sorry, Vinny and Pauly D. After his unforgettable 2014 MTV Movie Awards antics, TyPo made a name for himself as the new prankster in town...

5. ...but he can dig deep into the feels when duty calls, like he did when filming an uber-emotional scene after Allison Argent's recent death on "Teen Wolf."


6. Because he's the master of the Puppy Selfie.


7. That bod. (Even when he's rocking a peculiar little body stocking.)

8. He always remains humble and appreciative of his fans despite the fame.


9. Because he once pet a donkey while wearing a velour bathrobe.

10. His abundance of bad-ass body ink, including the armband that Scott inherited and those nipple tats.


11. His uncanny ability to rock a mustache anytime, anywhere.

12. His A-list friends are just as obsessed with him!

Photos & GIFs: Columbia/TriStar, @i_love_harveys, @tylergposey, @arden_cho, tyler-posey.soup.io, JonKopaloff/FilmMagic, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, f**kyeahtylerposey.tumblr.com