These Photos Of 'Sad Kanye' As A 'Free Agent' Might Just Make You Smile


Jordan gets some melancholy company after a failed mission.

Last week, a photographer named Alex Yenni turned the Internet on its head after posting an Instagram photo in which Kim Kardashian excitedly prepares for a zip-lining session in Mexico, while her fiancé, Kanye West, sullenly stares off into space behind her. In an instant, "Sad Kanye" was born, and though the hip-hop star's suited up in a helmet and harness in the shot, he doesn't look up for much. Poor guy...

So, maybe hanging from a thin wire isn't really Kanye's thing, but we had a thought -- are there any other extreme stunts that could break the rapper out of his funk? Since the "Free Agents" cast members are more than familiar with the culture of competition, we decided to edit Kanye into some of this "Challenge" season's more memorable moments to see if we could turn the man's frown upside down.

Did we succeed? See "Sad Kanye" alongside CT & Co, and be sure to tune in to an all-new "Free Agents" tonight at 10/9c!


Jasmine's bachelor party routine just didn't do it for K. West...


...and sadly, neither did Johnny's bachelorette number.


Poor Kanye! Last kid picked?


It's like melancholy "Where's Waldo?"!


Sad Kanye's bringing Dustin and Emilee's love connection down.


Johnny wants to get the show on the road, but Kanye isn't the most determined operator.


Get outta the way, dude! 


Preston might have been the "Bounce Out" MVP, but Kanye was its greatest sad mascot.


See if you can get the ball in now, LaToya!

Photos: Brittney Carlson