See How Aunt Ally Got Her 'Awkward.' Sophomore Slut Tattoo


Of course Aunt Ally has a tramp stamp! And the O.G.S.S. is proud of it, too.

It's common knowledge around Palos Hills that Aunt Ally is into sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but Sadie Saxton's "Awkward" guardian magnified her reputation on Tuesday's episode when she revealed a bit of choice ink to Jenna. It just so happens that Aunt Ally was the prototype for the modern "sophomore slut," a species of underclassmen that's bent on upstaging the senior girls, and when A.A. revealed her "O.G.S.S." tat to "Lil' Bitch," she was happy to carry the distinction. "Before me, the tramp stamp was simply known as a lower-back tattoo," Ally proudly declared.

Thankfully for actress Barret Swatek, who plays Ally, the etching executed by makeup artist Kathleen Freeman wasn't permanent, and yesterday, Swatek shared a photo of the "inking" process on Twitter to show just how her tramp stamp came to be (with approval from showrunner Chris Alberghini). What fancy font! Now, if Ally could just get PHHS' current S.S. crowd to back off of Jenna and her pals!

+ Check out Aunt Ally's proudest bit of ink, and tell us if you think she should consider a laser removal session.

Photo courtesy of @Barret_Swatek