Snooki Calls JWOWW A 'Crazy Bitch' For Not Wanting An Epidural [Video]


Snooki's opinion is written aaallll over her face.

Reporting by Eileen Reslen

It's obvious that Jenni Farley is a walking badass-in-stilettos, but can she take the heat of childbirth? Well, the "Snooki & JWOWW" star seems preeeetty convinced she can hack it without the help of pain relief.

"I'm really not looking forward to the birthing experience, because I'm going in with the thought of not having an epidural," JWOWW told us at a recent MTV press junket, just before Snooki echoed our sentiments exactly: "Crazy bitch."

If you'll recall during Season 2, Snooki was terrified just before Lorenzo's delivery, not wanting to talk, much less deal with the piercing contractions. Epidural, please and thank you.


JWOWW, does this look like a ride on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to you?

If Jenni's take on childbirth is anything remotely close to her feelings on a fractured ankle, we'd be willing to bet dinner at Rivoli's that she'll be right behind her bestie in line for that epidural. One thing's for sure: Snooki will be there holding her BFF's hand all throughout her labor...whether JWOWW likes it or not!

+ Do you think JWOWW can make it through without The Needle? Watch the video and tell us your thoughts!