'Off The Bat' Hosts Sway, Melanie Iglesias And Chris Distefano Pick Their Dream Guest! [Video]


Baseball pros CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano and Bryce Harper have all stopped by "Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave," and many other players are set to appear soon (more splash pong, we hope?). The "OTB" hosts are always welcoming to all of their visitors, but in this interview clip, we ask the MTV2 stars to spill the beans on which great (dead or alive) would be their dream guest.

"I want to get Derek Jeter on the show," New York Yankees fan Melanie Iglesias reveals, without any hesitation. "It’s his last season. I think that would be amazing." We're pretty sure the fact that he's freakin' hot doesn't hurt, either!

Fellow NY native Chris Distefano also sticks by the Yanks, picking "old school" Mickey Mantle, but Sway's choice comes more out of left field -- for Distefano, at least.

"Number 42," Sway says. "Rivera?" Chris asks, referring to Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera. Wrong!

"First African-American, Jackie Robinson," Sway clarifies, as they all burst out laughing. You know, Chris, there are other teams out there besides your beloved Bronx Bombers...