On The Come Up: Esther Ku Enjoyed Working For Sharpie...'Til The Day She Got Fired

MTV2's new series, “Jobs That Don’t Suck,” follows young men and women around the country who’ve hit the career lottery, and the cast members of “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” can surely relate. However, fame and fortune weren’t always their reality. The truth is, EVERYBODY’s gotta pay their dues, which is why we’re walking down memory lane each Wednesday to share some of the gang’s not-so-glamorous past gigs — check out this week’s “On the Come Up” spotlight:


We hope she's wearing a pocket protector -- Sharpies are permanent!

Before Esther Ku began teaching thousands of chicks the ins and outs of "Girl Code," she was an aspiring comedian using her quick wit to sell Sharpies. (Yes, you read that correctly. Sharpies!) For this week's "On the Come Up," the funny gal told us that her position as a pen sales rep was "the perfect job" because the company's flexible schedule allowed her the time to work on her stand-up material.

"I traveled all over New England fixing pen displays at Staples stores by day, and doing comedy shows at night," she shared. Ah, we get it, it was all about the big picture -- smart Kukie!

The entertainer also said she would bring pizza to her sample demonstrations to turn what would normally be a dry sales gig into a giant party. Can't go wrong with pens and pepperoni, right? "Everybody loves the Sharpie girl," she humble-bragged.

Well, not everyone. Esther was eventually fired for "laughing too much," but in the end it all worked out: As a "Code" staple and new "Wild 'N Out" cast member, who's having the last chuckle now?


A blonde Esther and some fellow Sharpie employees.


The comedienne demonstrates her artistic abilities.

Photos: Courtesy of Esther Ku

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