'True Life' Sneak Peek: Two College Athletes Struggle With Coming Out


For many teens who are stuck in the closet, college represents long-awaited salvation -- universities are home to open-minded students, progressive studies and support groups and clubs for everything under the sun. Still, there are certain environments on any campus where being gay is still taboo, and on tonight's "True Life" episode, two athletes will struggle to address their sexualities in the notoriously competitive world of college sports.

Last month, University of Massachusetts basketball standout Derrick Gordon became the first openly gay Division I male basketball player to come out, proof of how difficult the process can be for a young athlete. In the sneak peek below, a rower named Stephen and a cheerleader named Desiree are buckling under the pressure to be honest with their teammates. "In the back of my mind, I've always been like, Is this gonna be the reason that they don't want to row with me?" Stephen shares with a friend. Desiree, too, worries that admitting to being a lesbian will put her on the outs with her squad.

Think Steven and Desiree have reason to be anxious, and can you relate to their fears? Be sure to catch "True Life: I'm a Gay Athlete" tonight at 11:30/10:30c!