'Awkward.' Poll: Does Jenna Need To Lay Off Of Eva?


It's tough to be the new girl at school...for everyone except Eva. Since the native New Yorker transferred to Palos Hills High School, she hasn't had any trouble fitting in, even finding friends in Jenna and Tamara without much trouble. And for the most part, the girls have enjoyed her company -- that is, until the end of last week's "Awkward" episode, when Jenna tried to talk to Matty at his house but was welcomed at the door by the beautiful blond. Now, Eva can't catch a break from the teen blogger.

Since the uncomfortable encounter at the McKibben residence, J-Town has been short with Eva, gossiped about her to anyone within earshot and wondered aloud why she and her pals have been so quick to accept her. But when Jenna needed Eva most during the Seniors versus Sophomores football showdown, the transfer student came through, and took down a few underclassmen to help Jenna out. "I just hope we can be friends," Eva insisted after the game. "Chicks before dicks, always."

+ What do you think -- does Jenna need to cut Eva some slack, or is she right to have suspicions about the senior class' newest addition?

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