Can Amy Trust Shane With Her 'Faking It' Secret?


Since Amy begrudgingly agreed to be her best friend Karma's fake girlfriend, she's been paranoid about getting caught, but on tonight's episode of "Faking It," she was the one who let the cat out of the bag. When master observer Shane saw Karma and Liam exchanging knowing glances during the Occupy Hester protest, he confronted Amy about the possibility that her GF was cheating (might be onto something!), and from there, Amy felt like she had no choice but to come clean. About everything.

Amy admitted to Shane that Karma was, undoubtedly, straight, and that the two pals' relationship was a sham. And she also said her own sexuality had become cloudy since the charade began. Guess Karma's plan to get her BFF a guy on the side didn't really pan out, but on the upside, Shane seemed ready and willing to listen to Amy spill her guts. Let's just hope he can be trusted with such sensitive information.

+ Tell us what you think -- now that Amy has laid her cards on the table, will it bite her in the ass? Or will Shane be on her side and keep her secret safe?

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