Liam And Shane Of 'Faking It' Are A Whole New Breed Of Bro


Most movies or TV shows set in high school will lead you to believe that two male friends can only hang out if they're chugging brews or screening some foxy boxing, but Shane and Liam of "Faking It" have already proven to be a refreshing exception to the heteronormative. The Hester High School students are best friends through and through, and the fact that one is straight and one is gay doesn't impede their popularity at all -- in fact, they share the top peg on the social totem pole. What a concept!

We've only just met the guys, but their relationship was pretty poignantly summed up on last week's episode, in which they shared stories of their individual romantic pursuits while slow dancing together at homecoming. And the fact that the sight of the two same-sex pals grooving didn't draw a single sneer or side-eyed glare was incredibly heartening. For most of the party's crowd, the act was about as jarring as watching dishes dry.

MTV's "Look Different" campaign encourages us to see through our own biases, and we could all stand to learn from the way Shiam's fellow students (minus Lauren) have reacted to their friendship so far, which is, funnily enough, by not responding at all. Friends are friends, and analyzing that any more deeply doesn't do anyone any good.

+ What do you think of Liam and Shane's friendship? Share your impression, and tell us how you're looking differently these days!