'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Was Arianna Too Hard On Her Ex?


On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Arianna, an artistic high school senior from Georgia who needed to put school and future career aspirations on hold after discovering she was expecting a baby with her ex-boyfriend, Maurice. During her pregnancy, Arianna felt that Maurice didn't support her emotionally or financially, and it pained her to rely on her mother and grandmother to properly prepare for a newborn. "It makes me feel like a burden because I can't help you guys right now," Arianna admitted to her mom. "All I wanna do is pay you guys back."

Even Maurice's mom gave her son some tough love and told him he needed to get a job. "You know, I'm still working on my mixtape," he said in his own defense. Music seemed to take priority over his impending family, even though Maurice grew up without a father.

Before the baby arrived, the pair fought constantly about providing for their son and Maurice's lack of income. "Financially, things need to be better on your part," Arianna said during one of the couple's many heated arguments. "We are having a child who needs things that cost money."

By the end of the episode, however, Maurice appeared to be taking his role as a dad more seriously — he showed up for Baby Aiden's birth and landed a position at FedEx. He also purchased diapers and baby Nike Air Jordans for the lil' guy.

Maurice eventually told Arianna he regretted his behavior during her pregnancy. "I apologize for not being that support system you needed me to be," he said. This instilled Arianna with hope for the future, especially because she wanted to give Aiden the gift of two loving parents — something she never had.

+ Do you think Arianna was too hard on Maurice throughout her pregnancy, or did he avoid his responsibility in the face of fatherhood? Take our poll, and make sure to download the MTV app for extended sneak peeks of the rest of the season.

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