MLB Crush Monday: Five Reasons Why Los Angeles Angel C.J. Wilson Is, Indeed, Heaven Sent

There’s nothing like staring at a man in uniform to kick off the work week, right? In honor of MTV2's new series, “Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave,” every Monday we’re putting the spotlight on one of the sexiest sluggers in the game. Here, overall stats, batting averages and team standings don’t completely dictate whether or not a player gets picked — see below for five reasons why this week’s pro made the MLB Crush Monday cut!


Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson.

Tuesday night on MTV2's "Off the Bat," C.J. Wilson will make you understand why so many baseball fans -- particularly the female ones -- can't get enough of watching the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher play. But before the fun-loving MLB star comes on the show (and participates in a prank conspired by the Fan Cave, or so a little birdie told us), here are five reasons why Wilson makes us a wee bit weak in the knees.


1. He's a knockout. Duh.

Just look at him. This baseball hunk clearly scores a home run in the looks department.


2. But...he's not just a pretty face. Dude knows his politics!

Back in 2008, Wilson expressed disappointment with his then-Texas Rangers teammates because they weren't more aware of the country's economic state. Uh, he can tutor us anytime!


3. He walks the straight and narrow. 

As a Taoist, the athlete says he abstains from earthly temptations such as alcohol, drugs and promiscuous sex. According to his Wikipedia page, he even has the words “Straight Edge” tattooed along his torso.


4. He has the need for speed...

...and we're not just talking about hurling fastballs. This Angel is a self-admitted adrenaline junkie! His favorite thrill-seeking activities? Racing cars and flying planes.

5. He's got two left feet, and it's totally endearing.

In his Twitter bio, C.J. admits he likes to cut a rug. However, in the clip above, we see why Wilson hasn't traded in his cleats for tap shoes. Hey, ya gotta love a guy who's not afraid to let it all hang out!

Photos: Jamie Squire/Getty Images, Dilip Vishwanat/Stringer/Getty Images, Michael Buckner/Getty Images, C.J. Wilson's Instagram