'Free Agents' Jordan And Jessica Are Back To Their Ol' 'Real World' Rivalry...Who's Right?


On the "Free Agents" premiere, former "Real World: Portland" rivals Jessica and Jordan had finally come to an understanding after a standout performance by Jess. Jordan, who'd previously viewed Jess as a weak link on "Rivals II," said he was happy to see her step up and pull through for the team. But now, the tides are a turnin', and on last Thursday's episode, the old housemates' ceasefire was shot to hell.

While the victorious Red Team deliberated about which female to vote into the elimination round, Laurel shared that she planned to nominate Aneesa, but explicitly stated, "Please do not bring it to the person." Welp, Jess, who just wanted to do the right thing, warned Aneesa, anyway, and when word got back to Laurel and Jordan that she'd snitched, Jordan flipped out on Jessica. "You walk around here like you've done anything," he spat. "You do f***ing nothing!" Er, don't hold back, Jordan.

Jessica quickly called BS on Jordan's claims, though, and said he was still simply resentful of the fact that she'd successfully crossed the log on "Out on a Ledge," while he failed to do so. "What the f*** is your problem?" she fired back. "That you could not f***ing do it but a girl can? Kiss my f***ing ass." FEISTY!

So, what do you think -- are you on Jordan's side, and Jessica's fallen short since her big achievement? Or does Jess have a point, and Jordan's just projecting his dissatisfaction with his own performance? Take our poll!