Nev Schulman's Pumped For 'Catfish' Season 3, Gives First Look At Book Cover


Nev, both physically and figuratively pumped for the return of "Catfish."

"Catfish" viewers pull out all the stops to express their love of the show, but it seems the production's co-host, Nev Schulman, might just be its biggest fan of all (and rightfully so -- he and Max Joseph have put their whole hearts into it!). The content Internet detective posted an Instagram snapshot on Saturday, completely amped for Season 3's premiere (THIS Wednesday, May 7 at 10/9, in case you've forgotten), and we were left wondering -- where can we get our hands on his INCREDIBLE fish-plus-cat T-shirt? And, more importantly, is it available for rush order?

The return of "Catfish" isn't all that Nev's got to be proud of these days, though. Last week, the filmmaker tweeted a photo of the brand new cover art for his upcoming book, "In Real Life," which hits shelves this fall. "I couldn't be more excited to share it with all of you," Nev captioned the shot, which features one side of his face shrouded in text message alerts. The book will explore Nev's personal experiences with online deceit, as well as more general observations of the risks of digital dating. How 'bout a galley copy over here, friend?

Are you as pumped for the return of "Catfish" as Nev is? Hold tight for the new season!


Trippy! Whaddya think of Nev's new book cover?

Photos courtesy of Nev Schulman's Instagram