#FandomFriday: Carly Aquilino Is Cute As A Button In Her Biggest Fan's Eyes

Sure, art is subjective, but as far as we’re concerned, y’all’s work could brighten up the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Each week, we’re diving head-first into the Internet abyss to track down some of the best fan-made creations we can find, and if there’s something you’d like to submit on your own, tweet @MTVShowBlog using the hashtag #FandomFriday. Give us what ya got, future Warhols of the world!


Carly Aquilino's still totally recognizable as a bunch of buttons.

While most people's junk drawers spend years collecting dust, one "Girl Code" fan has made a total work of art out of a few odds 'n' ends. Twitter user @jane_orrick, whose timeline is filled with exciting projects, recently shared a piece she created in honor of Carly Aquilino that's constructed completely out of BUTTONS. Man! Blows any theme park's caricaturist out of the water.

"This is SO amazing!!! You're very talented and I am very flattered! Keep doing what you do!!! Xoxox luv u!!" Carly tweeted once she got a glimpse at the budding Picasso's crafty design. We can't disagree with the comedienne -- between the varied texture Jane uses to fashion Carly's signature red hair and the way she's made her eyes look so sharp, it's completely baffling that this sculpture was once responsible for holding shirts together. Keep it up, lady!

Photo: @Jane_Orrick

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