That's What You Said...About Whether Jenna Should Back Off Of Matty On 'Awkward.'

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In an ideal world, even if Jenna Hamilton and Matty McKibben weren't a couple, they'd still be close enough to help each other through tough times. But these days, Matty just wants to be left alone. Since discovering he was adopted in completely jarring fashion on "Awkward," he's seemed depressed and aimless, and Jenna, who's tried to get him to open up about his feelings on a number of occasions, can't seem to crack his stiff shell. Matty told his ex-girlfriend that he wants her for sex and nothing more, but Jenna was firm that she's not down to be his hookup thing.

It doesn't seem like Jenna's going to give up on getting her first love to unload his emotions, but if space is what Matty wants (at least, conversational space), should she give it to him? See what some viewers had to say on the Shows Blog and Facebook, and be sure to share your own thoughts!

"I think it's about time Jenna fought for Matty just like he fought for her when he knew she changed. He was her hero." -- Shivani M.

"Jenna just needs to listen and stop thinking everything is about her." -- Zoe

"Jenna's better than this! Being used for sex is so demeaning. She should stay clear and play the field -- maybe she will find someone who wants a relationship with her." -- Dawn. P

"People say Jenna doesn't deserve Matty, when in reality, it's the other way around. She matured and grew up. Matty saw what happened to Jenna, and instead of learning that lesson, he becomes as equally poisonous." -- David A.

"Jenna should give him space because that is what he wants! Pushing him will only push him away." -- Amanda

"If there's anyone who can help Matty, it's Jenna, not Eva or those other girls. They both made mistakes, but in the end, they are perfect for each other." -- Evy