Baby JWOWW Was An ADORABLE Chubster! [Photo]


Baby JWOWW looks like she just did a shot of espresso!

Jenni Farley doesn't mess around when it comes to Throwback Thursday photos. In the past, she's shared her kindergarten yearbook pic and a seriously cute portrait featuring her toddler-era pigtails, among other gems. Praise #TBT for giving us countless old-school images to ooh and aww over every week!

Today, the "Snooki & JWOWW" star posted an adorbz shot of herself as a less-than-svelte baby wearing an expression of utter contentment. The reformed chubster proudly wrote on her website, "Hoping my daughter looks just like me with the fat rolls and all!!! She can have Roger's ears and personality lol."

For the record, Jenni, we think you have lovely ears and a great personality -- don't sell yourself short! (But please don't kick our asses for calling you a chubster.)

Photo: Jenni Farley's site