'Teen Mom 2' Tot Aubree Is An Easy, Breezy Covergirl With Pretty Pink Lipstick [Photos]

Aubree pink lips
Pucker up, buttercup!
Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, is one trendsetting 4-year-old! We're constantly celebrating the "Teen Mom 2" tot's sassy style, as, clearly, she's totally in the running for future fashion icon status, but her natural beauty was taken to a whole 'nother level this week when Chelsea let the little girl complement her outfit with a bright pop of color on her perfect pout.

As Chels wrote alongside the above Instagram photo, "She begged me for pink lipstick today. I'm in trouble with this little lady." Can't argue with you there, mama!

In addition to rocking the kind of high bun that would make fellow style maven Lauren Conrad proud, Aubree also seemed tickled to whip out her favorite hot-pink sunglasses, which perfectly match her lips. She sports these sunnies often...like when she's tagging up the 'hood.

Aubree high bun
You can't see, but Aubree is "smizing" under those sunglasses.
Seeing that Aubree is currently taking dance classes, it's awesome to find her working the ballet bun outside of the studio. Way to blend fashion and function, Aubs!

Photos: Chelsea Houska's Instagram