'16 And Pregnant' Bonus Scene: Millina Sees Kayden Smile During An Ultrasound


On this week's episode of "16 and Pregnant," Millina was busy doing all of the necessary prep work before the birth of Baby Kayden, but the reality of her son's arrival didn't really kick in until she went to get a 3-D ultrasound, which shows the baby's features much more clearly than a regular ol' sonogram. For the first time, she was really able to see her boy's face, which totally brought her to tears.

In this emotional bonus scene, Millina is joined in the ultrasound room by her boyfriend, Trevor, while grandma Nan and little bro Moses watch from a nearby couch. The technician, Siobahn, is extra chatty, asking Millina if she's feeling ready to become a parent.

"I'm nervous," Millina admits as her bump gets covered in goo. "I don't think you're ever 100 percent ready. Even though I have a good game plan, I kinda feel like [Kayden's] gonna come out and it's gonna completely go out the window."

As Siobahn scans Millina's belly, she says, "I imagine it's very hard to be, you know, a teen mom. But you have a good grandmother, it seems like, and a good support system."

Millina agrees and immediately perks up once the baby's heartbeat can be heard. "It sounds like a washing machine going swooshy-swooshy," Nan observes, laughing.

Then, as she sees Kayden smile for the first time and notices that he has the same mouth as Trevor, Millina starts to tear up. Everything suddenly becomes really...real.

"That's your baby!" Siobhan tells her.

Check out the clip, and tune in for a new episode of "16 and Pregnant" on Monday at 10/9c.