Is Karma's Quest To Win Over Liam Fair To Her Fake Girlfriend?


The "Faking It" plan has been clear since the beginning: Best friends Amy and Karma would pretend to be a lesbian couple to achieve popularity in their liberal high school, and they'd both live happily ever after at the top of the social totem poll. The problem is, not being real girlfriends means there's a ton of non-relationship gray area to sort through, and on tonight's episode, Karma wasted no time trying to strike something up with her crush, Liam, on the side.

After a kiss with Liam on last week's episode that left Karma week in the knees, she found herself once again locking lips with the artist, and nearly went all the way with him in the art room, too. She assumed that Amy would support her, but her fake girlfriend shared concerns that if Karma got caught, she could potentially awaken a firestorm among Hester High School's students, who'd see them as liars. And even if the others bought the idea that Karma was bisexual or experimenting, Karma's actions would still make a fool out of Amy if word got out about her true feelings for Liam.

Ultimately, when Karma realized Liam was just in the market for sex with a lesbian -- and didn't have feelings for her, specifically -- she backed off, and vowed to make him love her before she did the deed. But is she still playing with fire? In the world of fake-dating, tell us what you think -- does Karma have the right to pursue Liam, or does she owe more to her best friend?

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