'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Give Matty Some Space?


The good news? Jenna Hamilton isn't Matty McKibben's shameful secret again. The bad news? He still only wants her for sex.

Only a short while ago, Matty discovered he was adopted, and his parents -- who separated at the end of the last "Awkward" season -- didn't even have the nerve to tell him (he found out by stumbling onto a document in storage!). The high school heartthrob wanted to suffer in silence, but ultimately came clean to Jenna, and now, J-Town's having an impossibly difficult time trying to figure out how to be there for her ex, because he's not up for a heart-to-heart. (Skin-to-skin is a whole 'nother story...)

Both Matty and Jenna agreed early in tonight's episode that they weren't a couple -- just friends -- but Matty really tested the noncommittal label by blowing Jenna off anytime the possibility of some action wasn't on the agenda. Empathetic Jenna tried to push Matty to talk, and could sense how badly he was hurting, but he resisted, and finally gave her an ultimatum: Either stop trying to pull the conversation out of him, or just steer clear of him altogether for the time being.

So, Jenna chose the latter...for a hot second. Later that night, she made one last-ditch effort to get through to Matty at his house, only to find new girl Eva answering his door. Yiiiikes.

After everything that Jenna and Matty have been through, should Jenna keep trying to help him face his demons, or is this something Matty just needs to get through alone? Weigh in with your thoughts!

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