Jenna’s ‘Awkward.’ Classmates Get The Chipped-Tooth Treatment, Because Misery Loves Company

Jake’s new singer/songwriter persona on “Awkward” isn’t just unpopular with some of his pals, it’s now proven to be downright dangerous. On last Tuesday’s episode, Tamara, Jenna and Matty happily lent their friend a hand by acting as extras in his music video, but when Jake popped a Kombucha bottle toward the end of the shoot to celebrate the project’s progress, its cork flew across the set, careened into Jenna’s face and sent her tumbling. Did anyone else get flashbacks of “the accident”?

When J-Town stood up, one of her front teeth was almost completely absent, blood was trickling from her nose and she had embarrassment to spare. And the icing on the cake? She was forced to undergo some painful oral surgery to correct her previously flawless smile. Jenna roamed the Palos Hills High School halls, unable to talk for days to come, and we had to wonder — why’s she the only one who has to suffer?

So that Jenna has some comfort in the ordeal, we decided to give her friends, her mother and her guidance counselor the same chipped-tooth treatment. Feast your eyes on the gang, whom we’ve pummeled with the ugly-stick, and remember (for your own sake): Twist-offs won’t land you in the hospital…








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